Prayer of Transformation


A Prayer of Transformation

One of the most powerful ways to invite Jesus into your life, is to say a prayer of transformation.  Whether you say it once in your lifetime, or each and every day, it is certain to be life changing. Inviting Jesus into your heart, and dedicating your life to Him is the most powerful way to experience God’s everlasting love.  As St. Augustine said, “Our Hearts are restless, until they rest in you Lord.” The Prayer of Transformation below comes from Matthew Kelly’s book, “Rediscovering Jesus” as referenced here. Loving Father, Here I am. I trust that you have an incredible plan for me. Transform me. Transform my life. Everything is on the table. Take what you want to take and give what you want to give. Transform me into the person you created me to be, so I can live the life you envision for me. I hold nothing…