Hi.  I’m Amy (aka Mimi.)

I’m a wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend.  I love running, reading, decorating, and working (seriously- I do.) Most importantly though, I love Jesus, and I love sharing Him with others.

A little over two years ago, I began to feel God speaking to my heart.  While I had no idea what I was being called to do, it was clear that I was being called to use my gifts for Him.  Many prayers, and many months later, the idea for Grace & Mimi was born.

Grace & Mimi is a website/blog dedicated to sharing “God Moments,”  or “God-incidences.” To me, a “God-incidence” is an everyday testimony.  It’s when something happens to you, or to someone that you know, that is just too coincidental to be anything but God at work.  These mini-miracles are my favorite stories to hear, and my favorite stories to share.  It’s my hope that these shared testimonies will reach and soften the hearts of non-believers,  and warm and strengthen the hearts of the faithful.

Within the site, you’ll also find Prayers, Inspiration, and ideas for bringing Faith into your home.  It is my prayer that this site will help you to more fully experience God’s Grace, and to see “God-incidences” all around you.  After all,  Miracles happen EVERY day.

Many Blessings,