I Prayed for this.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is in full swing. Schools and businesses are closed. Nursing homes and hospitals are on lock-down. Travel plans have been cancelled. We’re all reeling from the uncertainty, the inconvenience, and the economic impact the virus has caused. In the midst of the panic, I can’t help but think; I Prayed for this. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t pray for contagious illness, toilet paper shortages, or rampant unemployment. What I did pray for though was a slower pace of life, for more time with my family, and for neighbors to care for others above self. Maybe you prayed for some of these things, too. Good things have come out of the Pandemic. The lonely plight of nursing home residents has been highlighted on the evening news. School teachers and administrators have been given proper recognition. Doctors, nurses, and medical personnel have been venerated. Support for small businesses…


When Satan’s voice crept in, Lauren needed a reminder from her Savior that she is enough. The morning of her interview, she received just the message she needed.

Harvest Season

Plants need the right conditions to grow, and so do we. Unlike plants though, we aren’t reliant upon the weather to determine our harvest. We have control over most of the conditions we are subject to.