Socktober Update!

My son, Tucker, and the great people of St. Patrick’s Catholic School in Bryan, OH absolutely CRUSHED their Socktober collection goal!  They collected 280 pairs of new socks against their goal of 100 pairs.  The new socks will be donated to the Lewis Family McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Dinner in Lima, OH.  At this event, nearly 3,000 guests will be served a hot, traditional Thanksgiving meal, and they will be given the opportunity to “shop” donated goods.  Thank you to everyone who donated socks this October!  I’m so excited about it, I’m starting to think maybe we should initiate “Glove- ember” this month.  Who’s in?

Chalk it up to Experience

Try Creating a Menu Board! Weeknights used to be nutty in our house!  After a full day of work (and ubering kids)  I’d return home with a hangry (hungry +angry) crew asking, “What’s For Dinner?” Inevitably, no matter what the answer was, someone in the crowd would be disappointed.  That was until, my lovely and smart sister-in-law, Abby gave me the brilliant idea to post a weekly Menu Board.  The menu board allows me to plan our meals, and answer the “What’s for Dinner” question a full week ahead of time.  The grumpy “I don’t like that” comments are used up on Sunday night, and the meal planning has helped me to reduce our weekly grocery spend, too. We also use our Menu Board to post a Bible verse for the week.  The Bible verse sets a tone for the week, and it always opens up great dialog around the dinner table.  Below…


Every night in the United States an estimated 600,000 people sleep on the streets.  During the month of October, you can help warm the soles (and souls) of those in need by participating in Socktober, an easy and fun movement to collect new socks.  Made famous by Kid President creator, Brad Montague, Socktober exists to prove that even the smallest acts of love, like donating a pair of socks can make a big difference in the loves of our neighbors who are homeless. If you’d like to run your own Sock Drive, you can find simple instructions here: and you can find downloadable signs to promote your drivehere: Happy Socktober everyone!