Recharge your Batteries

Last Summer, my friend Meg and her oldest daughter, Paige headed to Toledo for a Doctor’s appointment.  After the hour long drive, they parked and walked into the clinic.  As they walked, Meg clicked the “lock” button on her key fob.  They heard the signature “click” signaling that the van was secure, and they headed inside for the appointment. When the appointment was over, they returned to the van, and Meg pulled out her key fob.  To her dismay, no matter how many times she clicked the button, the doors would not unlock.  She even handed the fob over to Paige, but the button wouldn’t work for her either.  They tried using the “key” located inside the fob to open the door manually, but it just wouldn’t unlock.  In desperation, Meg called the dealership where they had purchased the van.  The dealership agreed to drive a spare set of keys…