“Just in Case” was written by my dear husband, Ryan Miller.  He shared this with me on our 23rd Valentine’s Day together, and it warmed my heart in a way that flowers or candy never will.   I hope you enjoy his sweet message, too.  – God Bless, Mimi

Just in Case

I used to attend church when it was convenient for me.  I attended when I felt I needed to go, just in case this “God thing” was real.  I didn’t care about other people’s place with God.  I didn’t want to hear about others problems.  I just went to church in case the God thing was real, and I needed a ticket to Heaven.  I never really reflected on that until now.  I’ve shared my “Root Beer Barrel” testimony, and if you haven’t read it,  you can read it here, but I’ve had a history of wavering in my faith.

Since the Root Beer Barrel story, I’ve done a lot of things that have changed my life.  I’ve attended weekend retreats, joined a Christian men’s group, cried over my sins and celebrated my blessings.  Most of all, I’ve learned how to love God and His son Jesus Christ.

Today, I went to Church with my wife Amy.  I was there because our youngest son was delivering a scripture reading (Amy was there because she goes every Wednesday- she’s further in her walk than I am).  Tucker delivered Genesis 2:4-9 & 15-17.  It is about God’s creation of Adam and His creation of the Garden and His orders not to eat from the tree of knowledge, or Adam would surely be doomed to die.

At the moment Tucker delivered this reading, the sun came through a stained glass window image of Jesus.  It was perfectly framed and lit, unusual considering that in Ohio in February we’ve had more snow, rain, and sleet than I can remember.  Maybe the light was a coincidence, or maybe it was an attention grabber meant for me from our Lord and Savior.  I choose to believe the latter.

God showed Adam and Eve grace when they ate from the tree.  He could have taken their lives and ended this whole thing right then and there.  However, God showed all of us Grace at that moment.  Had He ended it there, I wouldn’t get to experience this wonderful life.  I’m sure God knew what He was doing, but I sure didn’t.

See, because God gave me grace, I can admit to my weaknesses.  I can admit to my sins and know that as long as I strive to be better and walk closer to God, He will hold out His loving arms and hold me.  I can be with a group of guys that share Christ as our Lord and Savior.  We can talk about our lives and help each other to live a Christian lifestyle.  I can experience God’s never ending grace and know that He cares. I take joy in his blessings, and I no longer have to attend Church “Just in Case”.

With His Grace,





  1. I just shared some root beer barrel candies with friends last weekend. I didn’t share your story, maybe I should. You are such a special son! Love you 💕 GG

    • Mimi Reply

      Awe, we would love it if you would share. Thank you for loving and guiding us in our journey!

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